Global Revenue Forum 2024 – Why ‘Roadmap to Resilience’?

Those familiar with the history of the Global Revenue Forum know that the concept started out as a slightly off-the-wall idea in the midst of the pandemic. As we lived through a period of enormous uncertainty, when lockdowns were commonplace, travel was constrained, and hospitality was at the mercy of the latest government restrictions, what could be done to support our colleagues through a period of instability the like of which we had never experienced before?

With this in mind, three of the industry’s most respected events, held respectively in Milan, London and Stockholm, came together for one day in October 2021 to create a pan-European gathering, with the objective of unifying the global commercial community. And while, over two years later, the industry can be proud of the remarkable resilience demonstrated over this time and the way it adapted and recovered from the pandemic, the requirement to manage and operate our businesses in a volatile and unstable economy remains, as we grapple such issues as cost of living crises, staff shortages, and evolving guest expectations.

Agile and adaptable commercial models

We are living in a time where the hotel industry must equip itself to manage an ongoing series of unprecedented challenges,’ says Annemarie Gubanski, CEO, Taktikon. ‘Now, more than ever, we need to prepare ourselves for the unknown and explore agile and adaptable commercial models as the global economic landscape remains unpredictable. A fundamental requirement for any business today is the ability to adapt to the unexpected, making resilience in an uncertain and unstable environment critical to the success of any business.

Operating against this backdrop, this year’s Global Revenue Forum ‘Roadmap to Resilience’ will explore how, as an industry, we can continue to evolve in an environment that’s both dynamic and challenging. What strategies and solutions can we leverage to strengthen our business given so many factors remain outside our control? How can we collectively build an agile and collaborative culture to flourish when faced with ongoing macroeconomic uncertainty? And how can we cultivate a culture to thrive despite unstable markets?

Join industry leaders, colleagues and peers in London, Stockholm, Milan, Lisbon or Online on Tuesday, 30th January 2024, as we explore solutions and strategies to build resilience within your business, and excel despite ongoing economic instability.

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