Preparing a business case for new technology

How do revenue leaders convince hotel owners, senior stakeholders or their finance department counterparts to sign off on new technology? IDeaS, the world’s leading provider of revenue management software and services, presents a handy guide to building a business case to ensure you have the right technology in your tool kit.

The right technology should make your work life easier and improve business performance. A good revenue management system can automate decision making, transforming a hotel’s revenue and delivering exceptional results. It sounds like an easy decision to make, but hotels don’t have unlimited resources, meaning revenue managers often compete against other departments for technology investment.

That’s why a business case is essential. It will help decision-makers choose between project options, strategy prioritisation, and internal budget approval. A business case helps you present a comprehensive plan that identifies root causes, defines your objective, finds solutions, and manages risk.


Follow IDeaS’ path to help you build your business case for a new Revenue Management System

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12 steps to developing a Successful RMS Business Case


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