Jason Pinto

Co-founder and COO – Pace Revenue

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Jason is a co-founder at Pace. Pace has built the first solution that gives hotels real-time forecasting, price sensitivity analysis and automation. We use machine learning and statistics to turn pricing into a real-time exploration how to optimally match supply and demand. Our algorithms are proprietary and actively worked on by our science team.Prior to co-founding Pace Jason was a Partner at Amadeus Capital where he focused on opportunities in online services and fintech. Since joining the firm as an associate in 2007, he has worked closely with several Amadeus companies including Edgeware and Liquavista, helping Edgeware to a public listing on the NASDAQ Stockholm market and Liquavista to a sale to Samsung. He was also an active observer on the board of Unruly helping it exit to News Corp.
Jason started his tech career as a lead member of a technology and product development team at E Ink Corporation in Cambridge, Massachusetts where he worked on commercialisation of the world’s first electronic ink display. The technology has been widely deployed in a range of consumer products most notably Amazon’s Kindle electronic book. Jason holds Engineering and Science degrees from MIT, Stanford University and Cambridge University. Jason is mostly Trinidadian with a bit of Jamaican and American added in for good measure.


31 January 202317:40 - 18:10 (CET)