Roxanne Mongie

Head of Commercial – Lamington Group

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Roxanne is the Head of Commercial at Lamington Group and is leading Lamington Group’s performance and growth as it opens multiple new properties across the UK with the goal of reaching 5000 keys by 2030. Roxanne was previously Group Revenue & Distribution Manager at Lamington Group, where she led the reservations and revenue at a portfolio of hotels, including the recent opening of room2 Chiswick, the world’s first whole life net zero hometel. With 17 years of international experience leading on commercial strategies and performance of large groups such as Hilton and the EQ Group where she had a direct influence on revenue growth and achievement of hotel KPIs. Working for Lamington Group aligns with Roxanne’s personal passion for the environment and she takes pleasure in being part of a company which is working towards being the necessary change of how hospitality impacts the environment so her child and future grandchildren will have a planet to explore and enjoy. 


31 January 202312:05 - 12:15 (CET)