Fabio Coppola

Chief Visionary Officer & Co Founder – YellowSquare

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Fabio Coppola is the founder and Chief Visionary Officer of YellowSquare, a lively hostel in Rome, Milan and Florence. Fabio has always had the spirit of an entrepreneur and the creativity of an architect, having started his first hostel during his architectural studies applying the architectural mix to the hospitality space – now YellowSquare is the largest operating hostel in Rome, with bar, disco, restaurant, coworking, hairdresser, escape room, cooking school. YellowSquare offers a truly 360-degree experience by mixing travelers and locals. Fabio spoke at various industry conferences on the future of hospitality and hostels, including the Hostelworld conference, Arival and hotelier day.


30 January 202416:40 - 17:25 (CET)