Jens Munch

CEO – FLYR for Hospitality

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Jens Munch is the co-founder and CEO of FLYR Hospitality (formerly Pace Revenue which he co-founded in 2016). Today more than 1,500 businesses, across 45 countries, use the FLYR Hospitality platform to imporve theie commercial strategy and decision making. Prior to founding Pace, Jens was the hief Strategy Officer for Zettle during a period of hyper growth that saw the company valuation move from $200 million to asale to Paypal for $2.2 billion. Before Pace and Zettle, Jens led the team that enabled the launch of Google Shopping in 2011, and had a career outside of technology in journalism. 


30 January 202413:15 - 13:45 (GMT)