Peter Majanen

Owner and CEO – Quattroporte

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As the founder and CEO of Quattroporte, a strategy agency that works with trend research, concept development, strategic communication and big data, I have been leading the company for over 17 years. Quattroporte operates on the highest strategic level in various sectors, such as health care, real estate, urban development, and retail, offering data analysis, innovation, and strategic communication that enhance the possibility of future success.

With over 25 years of professional experience, I possess a unique combination of speed, artistic sensibility, and analytical skills. I have a deep understanding of music, business development, and data, and a passion for challenging established norms and accepted truths. My objective is to generate the most valuable ideas for future culture, society, and business, embracing the power of imagination. I yearn to explore the uncharted territories and comprehend what lies beyond exploration. I am unafraid of being perceived as a fool.


30 January 202415:40 - 16:05 (CET)