Sunniva Fallan Röd

CEO – Sturebladet Holding


Sunniva currently works as CEO for Sturebladet Holding which is a unique, exclusive and historic spa in the heart of Stockholm.

Prior to her role at Sturebadet, Sunniva Fallan Röd worked for one of Sweden’s largest hotel chains as a General Manager. She also lectures on leadership, communicating and working with participation.

Sunniva Fallan Röd was appointed Future Manager in 2012 and has many years of experience in leading groups in a rapidly changing business with the motivation: “With clear values ​​in its leadership, Sunniva Fallan Röd creates security, responsibility and results awareness in everyone who is active in the workplace. This has greatly increased customer satisfaction. Sunniva Fallan Röd shows strong faith on the abilities of younger people and takes advantage of their creativity and innovative thinking.”


30 January 202413:20 - 15:50 (CET)