Designing the Hospitality Experience with Neuromarketing

30 January 202412:05 - 12:35 (CET)Hadid Room


Caterina Garofalo and Francesco Gallucci, President and Scientific Director of AINEM (Italian Neuromarketing Association), will discuss the importance of neuromarketing in designing the customer experience in hospitality. Their speech is divided into three parts:

  1. The connection between neuromarketing, tourism, and hospitality: Garofalo and Gallucci explore the dynamics of the customer experience in hospitality at all its stages: before, during, and after, unveiling the strong connection between emotions, experiences, and hospitality.
  2. The Seven Steps to implement a neuromarketing experience project: AINEM’s “Seven-Step Model” considers variables such as customer desires, the importance of memory, and the optimization of touchpoints to create unique and memorable experiences.
  3. Communicating the experience to enhance sales: The third part illustrates how neuromarketing can generate positive emotions, enhance the perception of value, and emotionally engage customers through personalized post-stay advocacy programs.


Francesco Gallucci

Vice President & Scientific Director - AINEM Italian Neuromarketing Association

Caterina Garofalo

President of AINEM - Italian Association of Neuromarketing