This year, the Global Revenue Forum expanded its reach as Lisbon joined London, Stockholm and Milan, by staging their own GRF event, hosted and managed by XLR8 Revenue Management.

The day was a resounding success as 200 revenue and commercial leaders gathered for a day of education, debate and networking. We caught up with Magda Varão, Chief Operating Officer at XLR8 Revenue Management, as she reflected on the inspiration behind hosting the inaugural Portuguese GRF conference and how its success has provided the motivation to look to future revenue management events.

Hello Magda, congratulations on hosting the first-ever Global Revenue Forum in Lisbon! Firstly, what was the inspiration behind hosting the event?

XLR8 has been planning to organize a dedicated revenue management event for some time. This opportunity was ideal for us, especially considering that nothing similar had ever taken place in Portugal. Given GRF was a day hosted over several European locations, the opportunity for Lisbon to be involved made even more sense. We were keen to foster the growth of this field in Portugal, educate professionals, facilitate meaningful networking, and enhance brand awareness for XLR8 Revenue Management.

Tell us a bit more about the day.

The decision to host Global Revenue Management–Lisbon was a huge milestone as it was the first-ever revenue management gathering in Lisbon of this scale. We were naturally both excited and apprehensive about the day. There were so many unknowns – we had no idea how much interest there would be from delegates.

The event was held in Epic Sana Marques, a five-star hotel in the heart of Lisbon. We had planned for 150 delegates, but due to demand, we needed to extend the capacity to 200, meaning we had a sold-out event! Had we had a larger conference space, we could have easily hosted more participants.


The day consisted of keynote sessions, panel discussions, and speaker sessions covering all aspects of revenue management practice. In addition to the main conference, we had a dedicated area for sponsors to showcase their products and services. This provided a great educational opportunity for delegates, allowing them to understand how to leverage technology to support their commercial strategies, as well as providing some great networking opportunities.

What was your objective in hosting the event?

We wanted the day to be dynamic, informal, and yet highly practical with takeouts that attendees could use in their day-to-day practice. To achieve this, we designed a format for the day that included both keynotes and shorter presentations so we could cover a number of topics as efficiently as possible. All speaker sessions were staged in the main room to foster a sense of unity and shared purpose.

Globalr Revenue Forum Lisbon

We also hosted a round-table discussion to bring industry representatives together and debate the industry’s most pressing issues A highlight was the open discussion involving representatives from four competitor RMS (Revenue Management Systems). This healthy exchange of ideas underlined our commitment to industry collaboration and innovation.

In total, we had 15 speakers on the day, all from diverse commercial backgrounds and all bringing their own commercial and revenue management experience to the discussions. Their insights enriched the event and provided valuable takeaways for all attendees. You can view the details here, and we will shortly upload the keynote videos to the platform:

What was the best part of the day?

Without a doubt, the exceptional quality and expertise of the speakers, their insightful presentations, and the invaluable networking opportunities were standout features of the event.

It sounds like an amazing day!

Absolutely! Global Revenue Forum Lisbon was a complete success, thanks to the collective efforts of all involved, engaging and supportive speakers, and enthusiastic participants.

All the feedback we have received was overwhelmingly positive. Delegates and speakers alike have urged us to continue to host events like this because there is a clear demand for them.

We look forward to building on this success in future events!