Leisure vs Business Travellers

Despite the consequences the pandemic has had on the business travel sector, business travellers still remain one of the most lucrative segments. The size of the global business travel market is expected to add up to over $2 trillion by 2028. What’s more, Deloitte predicts that business travel spending will reach 80% of 2019’s levels by the end of 2022 already. To take advantage of the rebound in corporate travel, you’ll first have to revisit your hotel offerings. The needs of business guests are no longer completely the same as they used to be a few years ago. However, given how much money business travellers generate for the industry, it’s crucial to win over this segment. To help you cater to this segment more effectively, Oaky has put together a research to know the different types of business travellers and explore how to cater to both segments through upselling.

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