Keynote / Design Choices, Find the Feel-Good Price, and Drive Profits

31 January 202312:15 - 12:55 (CET)Milan


Why do customers choose this offer and not that? Which role to prices play? In his keynote, Kai will show that price and value are arbitrary associations between a product and a number. He will reveal how this association can be influenced using behavioral science, for instance with smart anchoring, bundling products, or designing choice architectures. He will also show what brain scans and other subconscious measures have revealed about the value perception of customers and sellers. Finally, Kai will present a few recent and still unpublished exciting findings from his latest tourism pricing research. Join this interactive keynote to understand valuable profit levers which you can apply right away the next day after the forum.


Kai-Markus Mueller

Professor of Consumer Behavior – Author – Entrepreneur